Promotion by donor account

Find several accounts whose followers you want to claim. Add them as donor accounts and then the system starts to work with them.

Promotion by hashtags

Find hashtags in the search box and add them as targets. The system automatically finds target accounts, which recently posted using these tags or liked photos with such tags. The system filters out bots and shops and works with real accounts.

Promotion by geolocation

Find a location using a map or a search box and the system will automatically suggest nearest locations as well. The system filters out bots and shops and interacts with real people using your filter criteria

Promotion by your own list

Upload followers list and the system will work with them

Bulk Direct Messaging

Select targets: all your followers, all new followers or anyone from your list. Then add a photo to your message and launch. The system sends out messages 24/7 without pauses and within Instagram limits